Mission of the Organization :- The mission of society is up-liftment of all community in the field of health, education, water Resource & Management, Women & Child Development, Rural development, Farmer Training & Income Generation, Consumer Awareness, Agriculture, Sewing & Cutting.

Vision of the Organization :-The Society its clear vision of social service and development rural and urban area of Distt. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Management Committee List & about Secretary :-The Management Committee of the organization well constituted. It has a total of 9 members. All members are well-educated, hard working and work devotee persons. A complete list of members along with their names, occupation and Designation is given below.

  1. Establishing and directing for Nursary, Primary, Junior High school and High schools for the development of boys and girls
  2. To enrich the knowledge of Hardware and Software among Boys and girls. To enforce the technical education and also try to employ them.
  3. Establishment of commercial education center for sewing, Knitting , weaving For the overall development of women and to organize them without any cost.
  4. Establishment of well organized Libraries and sport grounds for the spiritual development.
  5. To organize the free training of computer typing and short hand.
  6. To organize the cultural activities time to time.
  7. To make aware people about the environment pollution and develop the tendency of forestation.
  8. To free organize the various teaching –training programs for the development of boys and girls.
  9. Ruler Education by new technical equipments.
  10. To educate the OBC, SC and ST women and to aware them for the family welfare programs.
  11. To aware the people about the various diseases and how to cure from them.
  12. To provide free education for the Handicap and Blind peoples.
  13. To establish the rulerbusiness for the welfare of Poor and disable peoples so that they could become independent.
  14. To establish the centers for Knitting, weaving, sewing for the welfare of Boys/girls so that they can become self employed.
  15. To establish the schools, hostels, yoga centers, old age homes libraries, hospitals, Inter colleges degree colleges Technical institutions and free hospitals for the overall development of the society.
  16. To establish and organize the old age homes and building of housing plan for them.
  17. To organize the Blood donation and Blindness camps and to provide quick cure to the peoples.
  18. To advertise the Consumer Preservation Act and Consumer Awareness Centers.
  19. To organize the forestration and literacy programs.
  20. To organize the planning of KAPART and to organize the ruler development programs.
  21. For the Physical disable peoples establishment of education and non-educational programs so that they can be able to establish in society.
  22. To organize the Health Cure Programs and to aware the people about the various disease like AIDS, HIV,STD
  23. Establishment of technical and education institute of the welfare of SC, ST, OBC peoples and organize them. To develop the overall development of cultural, Physical and education needs of the peoples.
  24. To enrich the educational needs of an organization establishment of educational, commercial, and technical institutions. To make people well organized and assemble the feeling of Unity among them.
  25. To organize the portray forms, Mil and Dairy Products, National Gardening Board, Food preservation Products.
  26. To organize the education the peoples about the computer Knowledge and Internet so that they may be able to make stand in the society. Organize the Internet Awareness Moment.
  27. To establish the Kniting, weaving and sewing centers for the welfare of women and Old age Education centers for the welfare of Old uneducated peoples.
  28. For the welfare of society establishing the small industries to the organization to enrich the standard of the society for them.
  29. To make people self reliable and remove the Bad systems like Dowry, Polygamy form the society.
  30. Establishment of small child welfare and reestablishing them in the society.
  31. Organizing the seminars and various activities for the society.
  32. To make education programs for uneducated youth of india.
  33. To organize the Phthelogy for Health Improvement.
  34. To establish self reliance society.
  35. To organize seminars and programs for Food preservations.
  36. To establish tasks related to road establishment.
  37. To organize the bio composites for the development of ruler areas.
  38. To research the medical plants and establish them.
  39. To establish the various cleaning programs.
  40. To organize the programs by DRDA.
  41. To establishment of Eye Banks.
  42. To establish the family planning programs and organize them for the society.
  43. To help in the programs developed by WHO
  44. To remove the various problems related to Water Preservation and Drinking Water Problem.


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